At VIA we concentrate on improving individual and team performance to substantially increase your profitability and turnover.

We know that most training will not work if you do not change the mindset of the team or individual to enable any new ideas or concepts to work to the maximum effect.

At VIA, we find the limiting beliefs and barriers that inhibit top performers and remove them using simple, workable techniques.

Sales Training

Our programmes improve performance at all levels from the newest members of the team to long established members who need that extra direction to improve performance.

These are tried and tested methods aimed at selling to the Refreshment Vending Market using real situations and vending terminology – we have no room for ivory tower thinking in our programmes.

All our methods improve on each step of the sale, ensuring that your ratios and key performance indicators are measurably improved. A small sample of key areas are as follows:

  • Effective telephone appointment making
  • Rapport building and questioning techniques
  • Creating needs and building desire
  • Removing and avoiding objections
  • Effective price presentation to increase your gross margin on each deal
  • Key account management

Using our unique Pause and Reflect system before and after each sales call can increase your sales by over 33%.

Use of the ‘agenda’ selling method during the appointment shows you a unique method of controlling the sales call to ensure that you only discuss what is important to the prospect and what is important to you to get the order.

Do you feel like your sales team could produce more sales and more profitability?

VIA Professional Sales Team coaching will work with your sales team to establish what are the limiting beliefs and barriers that stop your people achieving their goals and targets.

VIA will introduce proven and workable techniques to establish new levels of sales performance:

  • A workable goal setting methodology to ensure success
  • Developing a winning attitude
  • Building greater confidence

Our unique coaching programme involves continuous sales team support for as long as your sales team require.

Managing Sales Effectiveness 

Effective sales team management is a prerequisite for your company’s success but unfortunately due to the nature of this role and its month-by-month focus on results it can starve this role of the support, development and training that is needed.

VIA have developed a series of training modules to equip your Sales Manager or Senior Salesperson with practical key skills to achieve their full potential and that of each individual salesperson.

For example:

  • Successful recruitment and selection
  • Formal and informal performance reviews
  • Performance improvement programmes
  • Finance for Sales Manager / Director
  • Creation of a workable sales plan

This goes through the full range of professional management skills starting with recruitment and selection, sales team coaching, modern training techniques, improving individual sales performance, kerbside training techniques and motivation.

Finding New Profitable Clients Quicker

At VIA we have vast experience in setting up bespoke prospect databases and putting the structure and procedures in place to maximise the chances of success to increase your sales appointments and add profitable new clients.

We help source the right data, build your bespoke CRM system with between 1000 and 5000 prospective clients.

We can help recruit the right candidate, come train them in the latest telesales techniques, put in place KPIs and an effective incentive and remuneration package and monitoring systems to get your hot prospects to call for appointments. You control the data and the staff.

Our approach means that each prospect is moved up the success pyramid after every call ensuring the five key pieces of data are collected.

What would your company achieve with 10 – 50 prospects per week with the following data:

  1. Who authorises the agreement
  2. What equipment they have
  3. How many staff
  4. Who supplies current vending
  5. Contract end date

We also help you establish a list of the Top 50 Key Companies in your area who you want to do business with.

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