VRetaining and Developing Your Best Staff

In these challenging times retaining and developing your best staff is the only way to help your company grow.

We have new and innovative training packages to make sure you and your team adapt, change and grow in all aspects of the Vending Market whether you are a leading supplier to vending operators or a vending operating company.

Every role within your company needs constant training and retraining and what you showed your employees years ago on their induction has long since been forgotten.

Whether it’s directors/managers, sales staff, customer services, operators or service staff, we have the development plan for you.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of our training packages were moving online especially after the success of our online Health, Hygiene & Safety course specifically designed for the Vending Industry.

Online training has many advantages for vending operators such as no time off the road for your key staff and costly meetings.  They can train to suit you and them at home or in the office.

Now online training is the standard and at VIA we are ahead of the game.

Company Ambassador Programme

This is our most successful training workshop with over 1000 operators and engineers having been trained on enhanced customer service techniques to make sure all your staff are company ambassadors.

Client services staff are the foundation on which future sales are won or lost. Turn all your staff into company ambassadors by helping them refresh and develop their customer service skills.



Your frontline staff can make and break your company’s reputation and all the best back-office systems in the world will not protect you from the “who sold you this” attitude.  Equipping your frontline staff with the correct techniques that strengthen the relationship between your organisation and your customers will keep you head and shoulders above the competition.



Your customers will be left with a positive impression of your business to ensure they stay with you and then will return to you when they are ready to make their next purchase. Achieving Company Ambassador status is a benchmark your staff will want to achieve especially if linked to your appraisal and rewards system.  Increase your sales leads from frontline staff, attract high-quality staff and improve staff retention.



  • How to improve their communication skills and create a positive impression with your customers
  • Deal efficiently with difficult situations and offer acceptable solutions
  • Increase goodwill amongst customers and generate repeat business and profitable sales leads
  • What constitutes high-quality service, how to maintain it, and recognise trends in customers’ changing expectations

Management for Vending People

Ensure your key staff, who are responsible for managing and supervising operations and engineering functions, are equipped to be able to manage all aspects of the day to day elements of the job and get the best out of them and their staff for your company and clients.  First line supervisors up to senior management level can benefit from this bespoke programme.



Promoting the best Operator or Service Engineer into the role of Supervisor without equipping them with the extra skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage your staff (including communication, organisation methods, hygiene control, health and safety and risk management) could lead to many issues which could affect the smooth running of the department.



Having your front-line supervisors or management team fully understand the key skills and responsibilities of a manager will ensure their teams are managed consistently and effectively leading to higher levels of motivation and staff retention.

Understanding all the elements of managing a team of Operators or Service Technicians, such as planning, monitoring and reviewing performance leads to increased operator efficiency and higher levels of client satisfaction.

Having the knowledge to enable them to manage all aspects of the job role will increase their effectiveness as a Team Leader, which in turn will lead to increased job satisfaction and positive interaction and enjoyment with clients.  They will also leave with a full understanding of all the aspects of hygiene control and health and safety within their teams.



  • Effective communication and motivation techniques
  • How to manage, audit and improve individual and team performance and effectiveness
  • How to handle difficult staff situations
  • Planning and time management

Online Health, Hygiene and Safety Course for Vending People

This key course for all staff involved in refreshment vending will equip them with the knowledge and skills to provide top class hygiene and safety procedures.  This course covers the requirements of the AVA Initiative award and covers all the key points to ensure your readiness for the AVA audit and much more beyond.



  • Ensuring your field staff follow the correct hygiene routine is vitally important, but equipping them with the knowledge of why you must do it that way is the difference between good and excellent hygiene provision.
  • Vending people need to be equipped with the techniques to ensure their own personal safety and security.
  • Ensuring training is delivered efficiently and effectively for maximum retention and minimising your staff turnover.



  • Your staff will be shown the key fundamental skills in great detail ensuring they are aware of all aspects of personal and machine hygiene.
  • Ensure all your staff are equipped with the AVA standards of health, hygiene and safety delivered professionally and properly with minimum input from your management team.
  • Participation in this training programme will give them the skills and knowledge to ensure that they use the correct cleaning hygiene and safety procedures, increasing their efficiency, motivation and enjoyment of their role.



  • Basic food hygiene and legislation
  • Correct personal and machine hygiene techniques
  • Personal safety and security
  • Transport and vehicle safety
  • COSHH procedures and methods
  • Electrical safety awareness
  • Fire risk awareness and evaluation
  • Standard third-party health and safety procedures

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