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We are the Automatic Vending Association’s training provider, covering all aspects of training and development for everyone involved in Refreshment Vending.

Our range of AVA approved courses and workshops have been written and will be delivered by vending

people for vending people using real life vending examples and experiences, ensuring the learning experience is both relevant and credible, maximising the impact and retention of the key points.

This focused approach will show an immediate return on investment, impacting client satisfaction, staff motivation and profit.

The Vending Intelligence Agency will also be the source of information and resources for you to use such as tip sheets and ‘how to …’ videos on topics such as ‘Appraisal Skills for Managers’ and ‘How to Clean a Fresh brew Tea Brewer’ and everything in-between..

Our online learning packages covering all the ‘must do’ training packages, will ensure you are up-to- date with all the legislative requirements covering Health & Safety, Manual Handling and Food Hygiene, and with each employee’s individual login keeping you informed by e-mail when the courses are completed with timely reminders of when to renew makes sure no one gets missed.

Please register your interest and receive an information pack and one free online course for you to see the benefits of this new and exciting incentive for Vending.

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